Big Mouth Dolts and the Tea Party

Monday, February 21, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Gary North

I joined the Right wing in 1956. I have seen it grow from a tiny fringe movement into a chaotic mass of people working at cross-purposes, but mostly sitting on the sidelines of life, wringing their hands, and sending their children into the tax-funded schools because the schools are cheap – just like most of the right wingers are.

Today, they are up in arms, metaphorically speaking, because they don’t think they are getting their fair share of the political loot.

If you sense that I am skeptical of the Tea Party movement, you get my drift. Whenever it starts campaigning on a platform of shutting down Medicare and the public schools, drop me a note. I’ll re-think my position.

The Tea Party movement attracts lots of weird people, as any fringe movement does in its early stage. The Fabian movement in 1885 was typical. What a collection of weirdos! But within three decades, they had captured the intellectual leadership of Britain. By 1930, they had captured the nation.

For a good book on this, read Margaret Patrician McCarran’s Fabianism in the Political Life of Britain. It’s free on the Mises Institute’s site. Download it here.

By 1945, they had captured American politics.

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