A Nation of Cringing Wretches

Friday, February 18, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Eric Peters

I’ve yet to be fingerprinted. Probably you’ve never been fingerprinted, either. In fact, the majority of Americans (excepting those who volunteered for the military or who’ve applied for a concealed weapons permit – both voluntary choices) have likely never been “inked.”

And for good reason.

You used to have to break the law – and usually, a pretty serious law – to end up fingerprinted.

At least, that’s the way things used to be.

Soon, however, we may all be required to submit not merely to being fingerprinted – but perhaps also be forced to allow our retinas to be scanned, possibly our DNA itself catalogued.

If we want to renew or get a driver’s license, anyhow.

The federal Real ID Act is why. It specifies that new, “enhanced” licenses with biometric tags be issued to all people seeking a new license, or renewing one. The implementation date has been pushed off a bit – and a few states are balking a little – but the Long March toward the inevitable continues. These new “enhanced” licenses will become our new de facto national ID cards. In addition to the biometric info about ourselves that will be sampled and collected, the IDs themselves will also be able to track our movements in real time via miniaturized Radio Frequency ID (RFID) transmitters built into them. This is not science fiction – or paranoia. The technology exists; the “biometric” tags are already in use – and the Real ID Act is very real indeed.

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