Middle East nations scramble to contain unrest

Monday, February 14, 2011
By Paul Martin

Governments step up political concessions, dole out benefits or prepare the riot police in attempts to keep order after the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, which showed people that strongmen may not be needed to protect against sectarian violence or Islamic extremism.

By Kim Murphy
Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Amman, Jordan – To track the growing political movements gaining strength from the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia across North Africa and the Middle East, one would be well advised to get a planner.
There were Saturday’s clashes between demonstrators and police in Algeria, now referred to as #feb12 on Twitter, much as Egypt’s uprising shall forever be known as #jan25. New popular protests are scheduled Monday in Bahrain (#feb14) and Iran (#25Bahman). Libya comes next on #feb17, followed by Algeria again on #feb19, Morocco #feb20, Cameroon #feb23 and Kuwait #mar8.
On Sunday, hundreds of protesters in Yemen – a country whose frustrated population has spent too much time in the streets since the Tunisian uprising to be tied down to a single date – marched toward the presidential palace before being halted by police. More demonstrators took to the streets in the southern city of Taizz.

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