Economy Flight 666 – Our One-Way Ticket To Zimbabwe

Monday, February 14, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Davos Sherman Okst

I’ve finally had the time to thoroughly study Bernanke’s entire Press Club speech, his appearance before Representative Paul Ryan’s House Budget Committee and bulk of the recently released 2005 FOMC minutes.

The conclusion I have drawn from all this data is that the captain of our economy, Ben Bernanke, is either an economic imbecile or a financial terrorist. Through evil intent, or sheer stupidity, the outcome remains unchanged. The bottom-line: He has hijacked our economy flight and changed our destination. Bernanke is about to crash Flight 666 and all 308 million of us sitting helplessly in the passenger cabin into Zimbabwe’s airport known as Hell’s Hyperinflation Field.

There is only one way we can avert this disaster, but time is running out, we are passing that critical fuel point – the point where there is not enough fuel to safely divert. Therefore it doesn’t look likely that we will be landing anywhere nice on our journey to the impoverished southern continent of Africa.

In the summer of 2005 CNBS asked Bernanke about the possibility of a housing bubble. His exact words were “I guess I don’t agree with your premise.” Three short years later the biggest bubble in economic history (the housing bubble) exploded and nearly took down the entire global economy.

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