Ron Paul At CPAC: ‘Government is in the process of failing’

Saturday, February 12, 2011
By Paul Martin

Nathan Diebenow
Raw Story
Feb 12, 2011

Is he running for US Senate? Is he signaling his bid for US president? Or is he hinting at something deeper within the US political climate?

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) sounded like he was about to hit the campaign trail again during his speech at a right-wing forum Friday, but before he left the podium, he warned Americans that their federal government was in trouble.

“Tragically, you’re going to have the opportunity [to not ask the federal government for anything], because government is in the process of failing, and they can’t deliver on the goods, just as the Soviets couldn’t deliver the goods and maintain their own power,” he said during the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Rep. Paul continued, “We will have those same problems domestically. We face serious economic problems as this dollar crisis evolves.”

Paul has hinted in recent weeks that he might seek the Senate seat that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison plans to vacate after nearly two decades in Congress. If he should win, he would join his newly-elected son, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky.

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