Dear Glenn Beck, Egypt Destabilization-Op Hatched by Globalists, Not Communists

Saturday, February 12, 2011
By Paul Martin

Soros-Hand in Middle East Strategy of Tension is Sign of New World Order’s Offshore Corporate Cartel, Not Leftist Agitators

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones
Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alex Jones breaks down the real factors behind Egypt’s uprising in a special video report where he rebuffs the theories of Glenn Beck, who tries to link the Muslim Brotherhood to radical socialism in the United States. While George Soros has significant influence over these mid-east events, he alone is not the ringmaster in the global game of chess. He is, rather, among those in control of an offshore globalist corporate cartel that dominates the finance of all nations and seeks influence over their domestic affairs.

For Beck, current events in Egypt are occurring as a result of their connection to his pet-list of far-Left idealogues, like Van Jones, and a host of organizations and unions allegedly linked to Soros. While many of these connections are legitimate, Beck obscures altogether the long history of Pentagon intervention in foreign politics. The CIA and U.S. military have, for decades, sponsored and created radical Islamic factions, including the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban and more.

What is really underway is a complex series of destabilization efforts all across the Middle East region, and perhaps the making of a wider war. Unlike Sen. Joseph McCarthy, whose pursuit of Communist infiltrators in the U.S. government was based upon real evidence but skewed to appear hysterical and exaggerated, Glenn Beck’s relentless “outing” of Communist influence in modern U.S. and foreign affairs tends to smokescreen the coordinated actions, covert and otherwise, of monopoly capitalists toying with the nations of the world on their “grand chessboard” map.

Glenn Beck is right to warn of a “New World Order,” but wrong to nod to Soros as its captain. Its operators include the most wealthy and dominant bloodlines and their strategic managers. Geo-politics looms large in the scope of perpetual war and rising unrest in the Middle East. Control over the region, along with Central Asia, is believed to be essential for global domination. This aspiring New World Order will divide these nations in order to conquer them, even as they consolidate the major regions under a larger world government.


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