Could An Eruption Of The Yellowstone Supervolcano Destroy The United States As We Know It?

Friday, February 11, 2011
By Paul Martin

When most Americans think of Yellowstone, they tend to conjure up images of Yogi Bear and “Old Faithful”. But the truth about Yellowstone is much more frightening than that. Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is actually sitting right on top of a massive supervolcano. This supervolcano has erupted before, and scientists tell us that when it fully erupts again it will destroy the United States as we know it. So could such an eruption happen any time soon? Well, scientists tell us that Yellowstone is actually overdue for a major eruption and there are thousands of earthquakes in the Yellowstone area every single year. In addition, scientists that monitor Yellowstone have been quite alarmed that some areas of Yellowstone have risen by as much as ten inches over the past few years. So yes, there are some good reasons to be really, really concerned about what is going on at Yellowstone.

The truth is that the Yellowstone supervolcano is the biggest volcano in North America by far. A major eruption at Yellowstone would permanently change all of our lives in just a single day.

In fact, a major eruption at Yellowstone would permanently end America’s status as a superpower in just a single day.

So exactly what would an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano look like?

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