Tax avoidance protesters turn their attention to Britain’s banks

Thursday, February 10, 2011
By Paul Martin

Tax avoidance protesters turn their attention to Britain’s banks

Matthew Taylor and Paul Lewis
Thursday 10 February 2011

Britain’s fastest-growing protest movement is to target scores of high street banks in the next stage of its campaign against government cuts and corporate tax avoidance.

Activists from UK Uncut have, over the past five months, caused the temporary closure of more than 100 branches of high street stores accused of avoiding millions of pounds in tax.

The group will stage its first national day of action against UK banks on 19 February.

“The idea this time is not to shut these places down but to open up high street banks, occupying them and using them for things that may be more useful for the community,” said Daniel Garvin from the group.

He and other protesters have mobilised thousands of activists using the Twitter hashtag #UKuncut since the group was formed in October.

The protests, which come as banks reveal multimillion-pound bonus packages over the next few weeks, will involve a range of peaceful – and creative – direct actions.

“If libraries are being closed in their area, people may decide to stage a read-in in the bank,” said Garvin.

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