“Get Ready For Higher Food Prices” Goes Mainstream

Thursday, February 10, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden

While nothing new to Zero Hedge readers, the realization that everyone’s purchasing power is about to be yanked from underneath them has gone mainstream. Omaha.com has just come out with a headline that leaves little to the imagination: “Get ready for higher food prices.” The issue is that no matter how Chairsatan Rudolf Vissarionovich von Bernankestein spins this to whatever congressional minions he is supposed to be lying to at any given moment, the undisputed truth is that consumers have just gotten that much poorer, as prices of staples surge, and as a result capital available for discretionary trinkets plunges (here’s looking at you Guitar Hero which has just been discontinued due to lack of interest… Coming to an Apple store near you in 3-5 years). Because no matter what economic voodoo Bernanke, concocts there is little he can do to change the laws of mathematics. So for those who wish to stock up on staples in advance of a price surge (thereby bringing the price jump forward), and still haven’t done so, here is the “mainstream” explanation for why now is a very good time to start doing so.

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