New Surveillance Robot Detects Through Walls, Can Hear You Breathing

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
By Paul Martin

Hold your breath to hide from surveillance robot

by Tim Hornyak

If you want to creep past this new security bot, you’d better be good at holding your breath.

TiaLinx’s new Cougar20-H is a lightweight, remote-controlled surveillance robot that can detect human breathing and scan through concrete walls with its ultra-wideband radio frequency sensor array.

The Cougar20-H moves around on tracks and can roll up to a building, extend its arm, and start scanning through the wall with its RF array, developed with funding from the U.S. Army.

Operated from a laptop that can be more than 300 feet away, the robot can scan through reinforced concrete by detecting reflected radio waves. It can find people who are moving or even keeping still, so the operator can see them in real time.

The robot searches for the “biorhythmic patterns” of targets, according to the company. It hasn’t divulged too many details about the machine.

But the device is related to the military’s decade-long push to develop Sense-Through-the-Wall (STTW) radar technology so soldiers can reconnoiter a building without having to enter it. The aim is to keep soldiers out of harm’s way by having them use lightweight scanning tools.

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