Monday, February 7, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
January 24, 2011

[Note: A reader of my NewsWithViews columns pointed out that the term “Do what thou wilt” did not originate with Adam Weishaupt but rather with Humanist Francois Rabelais as the motto of “The Abbey of Theleme” in his 1532 work Pantagruel.]

In previous parts of this series, I have mentioned that the Illuminati had spread to the U.S. in the late 18th century and was recognized as a dangerous force here. In “An Oration Delivered At Byfield” by Rev. Elijah Parish, A.M., on July 4, 1799, he opined: “It was reserved for Weishaupt, whose name would figure in a biography of Devils, to organize a society to overturn all the governments and religions of the world: A society, which for depravity of design and address in execution, far exceeds any scheme of Lucifer, any plot of rebellion conceived in the councils of hell: A society, which would indubitably place its author first in the catalogue of the damned, were he not rivaled in impiety by d’Alembert, Frederic and Voltaire. They taught that conjugal faithfulness, chastity and all the moral virtues, were mere prejudices of education; that modesty was refined voluptuousness; that self-murder was no crime; that the possession of property infringed on human rights, that the motive justifies the means; that civil government is the only fall of man; that there is no future state—no God. These opinions are propagated over countries, inhabited by more than a hundred million souls. The apostles of these doctrines introduced each other into every department of the community.

They sat in the reviewers chair; they guided the public taste for books; they taught in the schools; they lectured in the universities; they prescribed to the sick; they were the tutors of Princes; they hovered round the throne, and directed the sceptre. To finish this climax of guilt they ascended to the Pulpit, and with unhallowed lips, perverted the truth, and polluted the pages of God. This society, after extending itself through Germany, Holland, Switzerland, and Italy, was formally introduced to Paris, to all France…. Their secret papers have been discovered, which prove there are 2660 of these lodges in the world; seventeen of which are in the United States. How many more there may be, it is not easy to conjecture…. ‘Satan, when seeking vengeance against his divine creator, would have been proud to become the pupil of this modern Spartacus.’… When in 1798 all places of christian worship were abolished in Paris, the nations of christendom were shocked.”

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