40 Percent Of Egyptians Live On 2 Dollars A Day Or Less And The Global Elite Like It That Way

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
By Paul Martin


After thousands of years of “progress” and “societal evolution”, how is it possible that most of the world is still living in soul crushing poverty? In recent days, it has been reported all over the media that 40 percent of Egyptians live on 2 dollars a day or less. Sadly, there are lots of other countries where even larger percentages of the population live in abject poverty. So how in the world did this happen? We can send men into space, we can send electronic communications to the other side of the globe in an instant and we can destroy entire cities with a single bomb and yet we can’t figure out how to set up an economic system that will provide jobs, food and housing for everyone on the planet? That doesn’t seem right. That doesn’t seem right at all.

Is something else going on here? Well, a clue can be found in what is going on in Egypt. The revolution in Egypt has created a vacuum of power, and look who is ready to step in – the usual suspects.

The head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, says that the IMF is prepared and ready to “help” rebuild the Egyptian economy.

Mohamed ElBaradei, who is clearly tied to globalist think tanks in the United States, is being touted as the next “leader” of Egypt in the media.

Oh, and wouldn’t you know it, ElBaradei actually has a book that is almost ready to come out. Isn’t that convenient?

So how does all of this tie in?

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