Ron Paul: Middle Eastern Revolt Stems From US Upholding Authoritarian Regimes

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
By Paul Martin

Steve Watson
Feb 1, 2011

Congressman Ron Paul outlined his feelings on the uprising in Egypt, noting that violent revolts will continue throughout the middle east so long as there is an unfettered globalist agenda to dominate the region through propping up tinpot dictators and tyrants.

“This is a typical example of what happens when we run on interventionist-type foreign policies.” Paul said on Your World with Neil Cavuto.

We get in the middle of these fights. We’ve been in the middle of this for 30 years now. We’ve given Mubarak $60 billion. We’re responsible for a lot of the mess that is over there.”

“The big fight now is for us to be in charge,” Paul added, “If Mubarek survives we want to be on his side, if they get a new guy, we want to be on their side. I just think that doesn’t work, because eventually the people rebel. For a while it seems to be stable but it is so artificial.”

The Congressman dismissed the notion that a complete halt of US military aid would leave a power vacuum in the region, allowing extremists to take control.

The reality is that it is the Western establishment’s habit of propping up authoritarian leaders that always leads to a rise in extremism, Paul added.

“Have they ever thought that the growth of groups like this is because they have a target and the target is us, it’s our puppet governments.” The Congressman urged.

Paul cited Iran as an example, noting that “we didn’t have to worry about radical Mullahs until we put the Shah in.”

“There was a blowback to us and you had an unintended consequence,” he said. “Yes, I think we have to worry about the radicals, but we have to understand how they get their motivation.”

“I wouldn’t just cut off Egyptian aid. I’d cut off all aid to the Middle East and maybe that whole area would be better off for it,” the congressman explained.

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