‘Domino revolutions’ top EU agenda THIS WEEK

Monday, January 31, 2011
By Paul Martin

31 January

With tanks on the streets of Cairo and the death toll climbing steeply in protests against Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak over the weekend, EU foreign policy in the Arab and Muslim world will be in sharp focus next week.
EU institutions on Friday declined to speculate on the implications of a potential revolution in what is arguably the most important country in the Arab world.
A senior EU official poured cold water on Italy’s idea to send an EU crisis mission to north Africa: “Yes, but at what level? Official level or political level? The high representative [EU foreign foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton] or the European Commission [neighborhood commissioner Stefan Fuele]? … We have to reflect, what if we meet with an interlocutor who the next day is not there?” he said.

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