Sunday, January 30, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Betty Freauf
January 30, 2011

In another interesting chapter in John T. Flynn’s 1949 book The Road Ahead, he warns Americans if we don’t change course, we are going to face doomsday just like England. He said the first attempt to provide Economic Planning through endless borrowing described in Part 5 brought the whole school of planning into official favor. From this point on – even all through the war- this theory became the rallying point for every kind of left-winger, including the Communists who recognized it as a magnificent type of novitiate for the Russian brand of socialism. Was it during this time frame when a cadre of central planners was hired by cities, counties and states to implement the U.N. agenda? No “enlightened planners” with some college degree earned under some socialist/communist professor can possibly make better market decisions than individual consumers and the free market. As a result, these “central planners” have facilitated us to the point of bankruptcy.

Flynn writes thousands of Socialists of every description formed Political Action Committees (PACs). The Committee on Un-American Activities worked tirelessly to expose communism. These PACs demonized it for its efforts; however, before the communist influence in government shut it down, they had compiled a list of 1160 organizations and movements brought into existence by the American Communist Party. Although the names continue to change as mergers take place, millions are quietly involved in governmental positions, in unions, a variety of PACS or receive a government check that could help reassure Obama’s re-election.

These community organizing groups decades ago were formed to invade every class in the community– workers, farmers, Negroes, racial groups of all sorts. Thousands of well-intentioned citizens who were not Communists were induced to lend their names to these seemingly proper “social justice” causes and innocent dupes gave millions of dollars to finance them, wrote Flynn. Have altruistic Bill Gates and others become such dupes? The injury that has been done and continues to be done today is beyond measure. The Communists were happy in the 1930s under the presidential election of Franklin D. Roosevelt who gave gracious gifts to Russia. President Truman was in the White House after the death of FDR and early on he began kicking these comrades out of agencies so labor leaders who had been arm-in-arm with the old comrades now began denouncing them, an old Marxist trick: Two steps forward, one step backwards but never forget they are always part of the “Brotherhood” that is bent on destroying America’s economic system. Despite sycophant Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) jabberwocky that Barack Obama has changed in two years, don’t you believe for a minute that our chameleon president is moving to the center!

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