The Opposite Of Apocalypse

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
By Paul Martin

by JM

Fear is where the Power Is

November 2008: the situation was dire. But was it ever really an apocalypse? We were all conditioned to think that without government intervention a waking hellscape of crappiness awaited. And it continues. Over and over, we are told of being just a step away from US government default if someone dares fiscal sensibility. Or some variation of bank implosion catastrophe, or everyone going into foreclosure immediately, or something else equally horrible. These outcomes are debatable, and they deserve to be debated. Everything that happens in the future is debatable.

What is not debatable is that we continue to be threatened with imminent doom if politicos don’t get what they want. I’m not a believer in global conspiracy theories, much less a perpetual ruling class, but I am a believer that democracies are absolutely awash with propaganda, veiled threats, and fear-mongering.

Why? Fear is where the power is.

Anybody who knew what was going on in November 2008 was afraid. I know I was. Being afraid of the unknown is exhausting and defeating. The only way to defeat this fear is to make it known, to see the beast in the clarity of thought-light. Being willing to communicate and engage is the step forward. No matter how big, ugly, or evil it is, one can stand up to it, fight it, and break it.

It’s time to break the spell of fear that makes this whole planet reek like week-old gym socks. Breaking the spell means only this: to be unafraid to communicate, to be open and receptive to ideas, to weigh them on their merits. It doesn’t mean “find some guru and accept their crap ideology at face value.” No one is totally, unambiguously, right. Ideas may be challenging and unpleasant, but ones based on facts don’t wither under scrutiny. Here goes.

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