Saturday, January 22, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Greg Evensen
January 22, 2011

Pessimistic? Nah, just looking at the same old faces, some new but mostly the same old tired mantras, lies, deception, and final stages of the destruction of the republic. Every peaceful means possible has been tried to bring about a return to common sense, moral, fiscally responsible, legislative leadership to Washington, D.C. Generations under both parties and congressional membership lists that have become dynasties have failed us and piled one disaster upon another. So much pressure has been dumped upon the industrial base, small business, and working legal Americans from so many socialistic origins, that most citizens are numbed to the point of inaction when faced with the absolute reality of our current calamity. They do not have the courage or capacity to fight it anymore if they ever did at all, leaving the heavy lifting to those who just refuse to let it all go down the drain. I am one of those, and I do it for my children, grandchildren and yours as well. I need your help, right now!

No matter where you turn, the public is drowning in “virtual reality games” that train children—like military recruits—to kill and maim by the hundreds, justify all levels of crime, and generally leave all traces of citizen responsibility in the dust. Our current culture values sex, drugs, and rock and roll far more than God, the Bible and righteous living. Because of that community position, whether you accept Christian precepts or not, we have lost our way. We can no longer describe right and wrong, good and evil, necessary or unnecessary, selfish or selfless, unless we have a dictionary and two or three days to complete the assignment. These ideas no longer roll off the mind or the tongue of involved, informed, and intellectually coherent citizens of this nation, let alone many in the schools and universities of the United States of America. Churches, as I have said many times, are now institutions of “feel good” theology that equips the pew warmers for not one concept worthy of the word Holy. Failure to arm this nation for the war against evil forced on us by congress, government agencies, the executive branch, the courts, the hard core police state apparatus of Janet “Butch II” Napolitano and company, renders peaceful means of redefining our government impossible.

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