The CIA’s ‘Personality Transformation’ Program

Friday, January 21, 2011
By Paul Martin

Who Gave You Permission to Notice?

by William Norman Grigg

Among the “warning signs” of Jared Loughner’s derangement, Time magazine instructs us, was his criticism of Federal Reserve Notes as “worthless.” According to the custodians of acceptable opinion, this isn’t a rational assessment of the intrinsic value of the Regime’s ever-depreciating fiat scrip; it’s a symptom of “paranoia,” just like Loughner’s reported preoccupation with government mind control.

Only those who are clinically deranged could harbor such anti-social views about the government ruling us – an institution representing the refined essence of benevolence, administered by beings of infinite competence whose digestive by-products emit the pleasant odor of freshly cut daisies. This is why the State’s media auxiliaries (including the right-collectivists over at National Review) are largely ignoring Loughner’s sociopathic indifference to the rights of other individuals while focusing tirelessly on his alienation from the government.

Perhaps Judy Clarke, Loughner’s federally appointed defense counsel, can help cure him of his paranoid political delusions. Clarke is the go-to public defender for people accused of politically sensitive high-profile crimes.

A Time magazine profile of Clarke describes her as “particularly skilled at working with unstable clients who, without careful guidance, run a high risk of self-sabotage in what is a life-and-death situation.”

Clarke’s clients have included Timothy McVeigh, so-called “20th Hijacker” Zacarias Moussaoui, and Eric Rudolph. Although McVeigh was executed, Moussaoui and Rudolph are serving life sentences at the ADX Florence supermax prison in Colorado. The same facility houses another of Clarke’s notable clients: “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski, who killed three people and wounded more than a dozen others during a seventeen-year parcel bomb rampage.

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