Thursday, January 20, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Coach Dave Daubenmire
January 20, 2011

I am a talk-radio addict. I don’t know how it happened to me, or why, but there is something about the art that really sucks me in.

My wife often gigs me because it is not unusual for me to have on two different radio stations and the TV at the same time…especially when I am working on the computer.

I can’t explain it. I have this uncanny ability to focus in on different voices while other distractions swirl around me.

At anytime during the day, whenever I get into my car, I can tell you where you can go to listen to different “talkers.” I am not sure the FM band even works in my car.

My favorite, if there is such a thing, is Michael Savage. Out of all of the voices flying through the air, his is the one that seems to be most “independent.” Don’t get me wrong, I know that all of them are controlled to a certain degree, but Dr. Savage is the one who I think I can most trust to “call ‘em like he sees them.”

Here is the list of America’s top-rated talkers. All of them are “conservative” and are instrumental in shaping the thought process of millions of Americans.

Limbaugh is the king and could easily find a home on Fox News if he so desired. Hannity is second, partially because he has the advantage of a nightly television show to help build his radio audience. Glenn Beck is third, rising meteorically also because he has a TV home on Fox News. There repetition of the same problems and same solutions becomes tiresome….Republican good…Democrat bad…Liberal Bad….Conservative good.

The Savage Nation is fourth. Can anyone tell me the last time you saw Michael Savage on any television show?

Radio hosts love to cross-pollinate. Hannity loves to share the opinions of Mark Levin. Laura Ingraham has a regular gig with Bill O’Reilly, often guest hosting for Bill. Mike Gallagher is a regular Fox News contributor, as are Neal Boortz, Dennis Prager, and Hugh Hewitt. Bill O’Reilly has a weekly feature with talker Dennis Miller, and lib favorites Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller, and Alan Colmes, often appear to provide “fair and balanced” commentary.

Why is it that Dr. Savage seems to be so persona non grata in the controlled conservative media?

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