Inflation Wins As Tunisian President Ben Ali Flees Country

Friday, January 14, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden

It was just 10 days ago (before anyone had even heard of food inflation) that Zero Hedge first predicted food riots were just around the corner (before anyone had even heard of Tunisia). Little did we know how quickly things would escalate out of control. Here is one man who is 100% confident he can leave the country before protests over runaway inflation succeed in getting him to face his (very hungry) population (presumably in close proximity to a decapitation device). This is probably the first confirmed case of a corrupt government overthrown as a result of the daily POMO secret CIA weapon. Certainly not the last. Stocks up on the news that some rating agency has downgraded the country to BBB+ (much higher than Greece) due to revolution. POMO: liberating countries from oppressive governments through excess inflationary liquidity since 2011

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