Unprincipled Liberals Exploit an Insane Loughner to Condemn Political Opposition

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
By Paul Martin

Kurt Nimmo
January 10, 2011

Confronted with the fact Jared Lee Loughner was not a Tea Party supporter – or for that matter your garden variety leftwinger or Obama devotee – the liberals have shifted tactics.

“Based on what we know so far, the Tucson killings look like more like politically tinged schizophrenia,” writes Jacob Weisberg for Slate. Loughner, according to Weisberg, is a product of Arizona’s “anti-government, pro-gun, xenophobic populism.” In short, the predominant political atmosphere of the Grand Canyon State made Loughner do it. Personal responsibility is not part of the equation.

“Extremist shouters didn’t program Loughner, in some mechanistic way, to shoot Gabrielle Giffords. But the Tea Party movement did make it appreciably more likely that a disturbed person like Loughner would react, would be able to react, and would not be prevented from reacting, in the crazy way he did,” Weisberg continues.

Loughner is merely a rhetorical device for Weisberg and the state-loving intelligentsia. Mr. Weisberg follows SPLC talking points to the letter and dredges up the extensively documented false flag event conducted by the government in Oklahoma City more than a decade and a half ago in order to demonize political activism against the government in the here and now:

At the core of the far right’s culpability is its ongoing attack on the legitimacy of U.S. government – a venomous campaign not so different from the backdrop to the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. Then it was focused on ‘government bureaucrats’ and the ATF. This time it has been more about Obama’s birth certificate and health care reform. In either case, it expresses the dangerous idea that the federal government lacks valid authority. It is this, rather than violent rhetoric per se, that is the most dangerous aspect of right-wing extremism.

Loughner is nothing more than a catalyst for Weisberg and others so they might equate opposition to the state to murderous extremism.

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