Unfortunately, Obamacare Is Not Going To Be Repealed In 2010, It Is Not Going To Be Repealed In 2011 And There Is A Good Chance That It May Never Be Repealed

Sunday, January 9, 2011
By Paul Martin

The American Dream
Jan 9, 2011

Right now the mainstream media is paying a lot of attention to the effort by Republicans in the House of Representatives to repeal the health care reform law that Barack Obama and the Democrats crammed down the throats of the American people during the last session of Congress. House Republicans are calling their legislation the “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act”, and the House of Representatives is expected to pass the legislation on January 12th. However, there are two huge problems. One is that Democrats control the U.S. Senate and they have declared that there is not a chance in the world that a repeal of the health care reform law will get through them. Secondly, even if a repeal of the health care law did somehow magically get to Barack Obama’s desk, he has sworn that he would veto it. So unfortunately, Obamacare is not going to be repealed any time soon.

We are all going to have to just learn to put up with the negative effects of the new health care law. We are all going to be paying much higher taxesbecause of this new law. We are all going to be paying much, much higher health insurance premiums. Job growth is going to be killed because employers will not want to pay for extremely expensive health care plans for new employees. Soon all companies with more than 50 workers will be fined if they do not offer “adequate health coverage” to their employees. So obviously this provides a tremendous incentive to small businesses not to hire more than 50 workers.

In addition, the new health care law gives the U.S. government unprecedented control over the medical industry and over how health care is practiced in this country. The U.S. government will now be telling doctors what medicines to prescribe and what medical procedures are “cost effective”. Doctors across America will now have less freedom to practice medicine than they ever have before.

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