Are Refuseniks the Next Crop To Be Harvested?

Thursday, January 6, 2011
By Paul Martin

Where We’re Headed…

by Eric Peters

I have a feeling that Refusenik types like me will be the next crop to be harvested. (The first being overt “threats” to the government.)

Everything’s already in place; the circle is closing. Soon it will be impossible to pretend we still live in an even semi-free country.

I try to practice avoidance – for example, not flying anymore to avoid being scanned/felt up. But I know that eventually, it will be impossible – illegal – to avoid being scanned (and much else, besides). For example, they are going to require us all to carry a biometric National ID card – not merely a driver’s license. Without it, you will be unable to function (legally) and be subject to arrest merely for going about your peaceful, harming no one else business without it. Just wait.

The choice will be: Become an outlaw – or submit.

We got a taste of this with gun control laws. The choice was: Comply with “the law” and render yourself defenseless, or become a Felon Walking for daring to refuse to comply by retaining a gun for self-defense. People who were harming no one – and exercising their basic human right to self-defense – were criminalized at the stroke of a pen.

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