Tens of thousands flee southern Chile’s coast after magnitude 7.1 earthquake

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
By Paul Martin

No immediate reports of deaths as people flee for higher ground in fear of tsunami similar to one that ravaged coastline last year

The Guardian
Monday 3 January 2011

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook southern Chile yesterday, sending thousands fleeing for higher ground in fear of a tsunami like that which ravaged the coastline last year. There were no immediate reports of deaths or damage, and Vicente Nunez, head of the National Emergency Office, said no tsunami alert was issued.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii also said no destructive Pacific Ocean-wide tsunami was expected.

Some mobile phone aerials and electrical power were knocked out in the Araucania region where the quake was centred, 370 miles (595km) south-southwest of the capital, Santiago.

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