Our Establishment Church: Its Rules and Credo

Tuesday, December 28, 2010
By Paul Martin

by Charles A. Burris

Anders Mikkelsen has written an excellent review of Andrew Bacevich’s recent book, Washington Rules, which summarizes and lays out the “rules” and “credo” of the American foreign policy Establishment. It is another fine example of power elite analysis or “establishment studies.”

The concept of the Establishment was first used in England referring to the established (or official) state church, the Anglican Church or Church of England, created by the usurper and schismatic Henry Tudor during the Protestant Reformation.

Nineteenth-century writer William Cobbett later expanded the concept to include those networks of financial institutions related to the Bank of England, elite public schools and clubs, and publishing entities (such as “the bloody old Times”) the ruling aristocracy used to train and sustain its oligarchic bureaucracy who manned the British empire. Cobbett labeled this power elite as “the Thing.”

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