The Oligarchs Want To Go to LRC’s Funeral

Monday, December 27, 2010
By Paul Martin

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

For almost 12 years now, LRC has been on the hate parade of the plutocrats, the neocons, the fascists. All those who glorify war, redistribution, empire, corporatism, and state security, who seek to live – and very well indeed – off their depredations, chew the rug when they read this site.

So, given this, and the stunning power imbalance, why can’t they crush LRC? What Mises said really is true: ideas are more powerful than governments. Ideas are more powerful than smear artists and paid think tanks, shill media and hate-filled oil barons. Our ideas can confound their knavish tricks, eat away at their lies, reveal the imperial nakedness.

As Rothbard shows, the State – as impregnable as it looks – depends on the consent of the governed. The parasites are few, their victims legion. If we withdraw our consent, even the KGB collapses. See, for example, the TSA revolt last fall, which LRC led. As long as we were saying No, the massed power of 50,000 blue shirts was foiled. We made them back down, and rope off their dangerous x-ray machines at many airports, stop their feel-ups. Of course, the Transportation SA will start up again in 2011, but LRC will be there to give Janet Napolitano another hotfoot, if you make it possible.

In 2011, LRC has much work to do. After all, we helped give Ron Paul his internet presence, from the beginning of the site. When he decided to run for president, LRC announced it, and spread the Ron Paul news during the entire campaign. This year, whether Ron decides to run again, or to focus on ending the Fed, the business cycle, and fractional-reserve banksterism, through his subcommittee chairmanship, LRC will be at his side.

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