Wednesday, December 22, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Michael LeMieux
December 22, 2010

With the arrival of the twentieth century the American people have been introduced to a new way of theft – theft by government. Make no mistake, governments have always existed on the backs of the people they govern, our government is no different. Governments do not create wealth, they do not produce anything, and at a minimum can be a nuisance and at worse a tyrannical nightmare. This article deals with one aspect of government theft – the unconstitutional act of state land confiscation.

According to the website, the federal government “owns” nearly 650 million acres of land. To put this into perspective – that would equate to owning property the size of the entire state of Texas, plus the entire state of California, two times over. You can view a graphical representation of the area owned here.

These lands have been seized by the federal government by both Presidential Decree or by Congressional mandate. Most often the espoused intent has been to preserve historic land or open lands, or some other historical nexus. But in reality it has been to hold power over certain states that contain natural resources that the federal government wishes to control or under the auspices of Interstate Commerce. Even as far back as the early 1860’s the federal government has been using land grabs to shape this nation as they see fit. In 1862, the Congress under President Lincoln enacted the Pacific Railroad Act which granted lands to build the Transcontinental Pacific railroad and they haven’t stopped taking since.

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