REAL ID Card-Transportation Worker Identification Credential:Dancing With Evil

Sunday, December 19, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Jim Kirwan

EVIL is as complex a state, as could ever have been imagined that dates back to long before recorded history: It is not something conjured up by any formal religion, to justify the good that so many say they seek to do.

Here it lurks beneath the opening flower of a Devil’s Claw in which INNOCENCE sits: Simply observing the wider-world that this child has yet been to become a part of.

Each of these complexities contains intangible aspects of human life that tend to remain among the mysteries that each of us must deal with for ourselves. Neither Evil nor Innocence will lend their attributes easily, to the complexities of ‘life’ that’s now moving at the speed of light. We’re running out of time almost as quickly as we have adopted so many new ways to do virtually everything now: There simply is no time left to contemplate whatever there is “out-there,” that could help us to save ourselves, or damn us for eternity.

All this stuff is known full-well within the sewers of US INC. That shadowed place where policies are drafted wholesale, for the rest of us to cringe before in terror, before we silently agree to follow them. Not a single day has passed since the beginning of December, (maybe it was much earlier, but by December for certain), that we have not been hit with at least one political phosphorous shell, with deadly repercussions. But like the infamous tar-baby we have chosen not to make a sound. All we do is wait for the next death-dealing blow, as if waiting is some kind of defense, against the outright-rage that these attacks should cause within every one of us…

Since 5-5-2005 the government has been trying everything it can and then some; to ram a National ID Card down our defenseless throats’.

“With the open and unanimous consent of the Senate, on 5-10-05: Liberty, the key to the whole idea ofAmerica, has been captured! With the implementation of the REAL ID Card, and all its fascistic dictates: we are becoming a nation in name only. This national ID card is NOT a proposal, it has been passed and signed – and no evidence of a public voice was ever heard from – because there was no discussion.
This “card” was designed for Homeland Security by the former East German STAZI chief, Marcus Wolfe, a master of manipulation and intimidation and Primakov the former head of the KGB in the USSR.

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