Globalists Can Win Cyber War, But Not Information War

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
By Paul Martin

Eric Blair
Activist Post
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The establishment has been desperately trying to implement legal control over the Internet.

They’re attacking freedom of speech and the open Internet from all angles; through government tools, corporate methods, and even the courts. All three of these methods are converging in the WikiLeaks case, but that’s not the only battle being waged in the so-called “all-out cyber war.”

The government, through the DHS, has already shut down over 80 websites for copyright infringement without due process, in addition to floating the idea to tax information websites. Corporations like Google, Verizon, and others are making deals to tip the Internet in favor of major players. Finally, in the courts, ambulance-chasing copyright infringement lawyers are bullying blogs to pay settlements despite Fair Use rights — while their ultimate goal is to set a golden precedent with which to attack all news aggregating websites.
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