Dark Secrecy, Immoral Wars, Lying Politicians

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
By Paul Martin

Kiss Honor and Morality Goodbye in the U.S. Armed Forces

by Mark R. Crovelli

Question: What kind of people do you think will be attracted to the American military, now that it is common knowledge that the armed forces will only tolerate soldiers who keep their mouths shut about serious crimes, and that politicians in Washington want to hang or assassinate soldiers who conscientiously expose serious crimes? The answer, of course, is that only the moral scum of the nation will be attracted to this profession in the future, since only the most morally bankrupt and intellectually challenged among us would ever voluntarily allow themselves to be put in a position where they would have to choose between abetting serious crimes or being hanged.

The depraved chickenhawks in Washington who are calling for Bradley Manning to be executed (without so much as even a show trial), and for Julian Assange to be assassinated (even though he is an Australian citizen), ought to be aware that their calls for human blood will have serious consequences for this country. They may think that they are only blustering and posturing in order to get themselves reelected, which is their singular purpose in life of course, but announcing to the nation that military whistleblowers ought to be executed sends a powerful message. To morally conscientious Americans, the message is: The American military is a place where men are expected to lie about or cover up war crimes and felonies, or where they will be hanged if they do what their consciences dictate. To depraved and sociopathic Americans, the message is: Whoopie! The armed forces are a place where men can commit all the crimes they want without any fear of exposure! Bonanza!

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