Deficit Giveaways Turn Obama GOP Tax Cut Bill Into ‘Christmas Tree’ – CBO Estimates $858 Billion Cost For JUST Two Years…(Off With Their Heads, Amerikan Style!!)

Saturday, December 11, 2010
By Paul Martin

Profanity warning. An experiment in honesty.

It’s an $858 billion, 2-year pop to the deficit, mostly from the tax cuts not expiring. You want tax cuts? Then cut spending you fucking wankers. Make the Pentagon war machine your first target. The deficit is completely out of control, the national debt just hit $14 fucktillion, and borrowing costs are headed higher. The Helicopter was grounded after the deal was announced, as the blades were straight busted. Bond vigilantes went nuts. Treasuries were annihilated. Russia, China and Japan were likely heavy sellers. B-52 noticed and freaked out silently for hours in his secret room at the Fed, where he keeps the chronic for the really bad moments. Think about it. Everything Bernanke had gained from QE2 in terms of lower rates was wiped away in 4 short days.

Who is the Ben Ber-Nank to think he can predict the sovereign debt tipping point. It’ll just appear one day, and he’ll be rightly fucked. Ask Greece, Portugal, and Spain if they saw it coming. Yeah, we print our own money. So the fuck what. The world is already on Zimbabwe watch and Ben shot his load last month. My mom is on Zimbabwe watch, for chrissakes. She’s 71 and paying attention because of all the money printing she’s been hearing about during commercials for Dancing With Palin. Wise up fools, $100 billion per month of Treasury suckage won’t do jack shit against pissed-off bond vigilantes. When they’re done pounding the Eurozone, we’re the next target. Bernanke and his legacy will be swept away by an avalanche of selling, leaving him 30 feet under, with his helicopter out of commish, buried next to his ‘I am not a money-printer’ ass.

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