Americans Outraged As Big Sis Launches DHS Invasion Of Society

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
By Paul Martin

1984-style Homeland Security telescreens in Wal-Mart stores represent pathetic new low in America’s collapse into a dictatorial banana republic.

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Americans have reacted with outrage to Big Sis Janet Napolitano’s announcement that Homeland Security messages encouraging shoppers to spy on each other will play at Wal-Mart checkouts, but the announcement is part of a wider takeover of America that will see the DHS invade virtually every aspect of public life in the United States as the country sinks into a decrepit banana republic.

The Department of Homeland Security’s official You Tube channel has been bombarded with complaints, many of them littered with furious profanity, after the announcement yesterday that the DHS would team up with 588 Wal-Mart stores in 27 states to place monitors at checkout locations that would play a video message by Janet Napolitano encouraging Americans to spy on each other and report “suspicious activity” to law enforcement and Wal-Mart employees.

The announcement leaves no room for doubt that America has officially entered the realm of Orwell’s 1984 as the federal government moves to entrench an onerous surveillance society where ordinary members of the public are enlisted as spies for the state to create a constant sense of distrust and fear.

From VIPR teams that now patrol Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor and Los Angeles rail lines; ferries in Washington state; bus stations in Houston; and mass transit systems in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore, to invasive pat downs at bus and train terminals and on street corners across the country, to radiation-emitting naked body scanners that roam the highways scanning vehicles and homes, to interrogation checkpoints at sporting and other public events, Big Sis is engaged in a total takeover of society, turning America into a giant prison grid where everyone is guilty until proven innocent and treated as a potential terrorist.

Openly encouraging Americans to become informants for the government as they purchase their weekly groceries represents a new low in America’s total collapse into a dictatorial banana republic. It’s a sad and pathetic reminder that this once great beacon of freedom, strength and prosperity has now been hijacked by people who hate everything about what America once represented.

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