Sunday, December 5, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Greg Evensen
December 5, 2010

“The black bull of power and evil began circling on the field of conflict generations ago. Its blood red eyes of hate and lust for power zeroed in on the man sent to slay him and end his rein of terror. Even though decades have gone by in this ultimate battle, this courageous “man (as in mankind) of valor” has been left to his own strength and abilities that are clearly below the raw power and determination of this luciferian symbol (tyrannical governmental military and police state brute force). The black beast’s sole reason for existence is to destroy the last challenge before the bull’s ultimate victory over all living things in its path. As the bull contemplates his final charge, supernatural rage overtakes him and he begins the final run toward this man, representing the strength of the free citizenry, who have faced this raging evil borne out of hell, and empowered by the greed of those who will not allow this free man to survive.

No compromise, no quarter, no peaceful co-existence. It is death to one culture or the other. As the bull engages the free man by lifting him onto his massive horns, the bull carries him to the trunk of a huge tree and pins the man to its side. Death is imminent and sure to be brutal. With only his bare hands to defend himself, the man looks deeply into the eyes of this unholy machine, and in an instant, gouges those eyes, and then pulls them out completely. The gravely wounded animal pulls back his horns as the man lunges to the side and watches the beast stumbles forward until it reaches the gorge that has divided the field of battle from the meadow of freedom………..” (an excerpt from “Evil’s Final Stand: Freedom Will Not Die” a short novel in progress by Greg Evensen)

So, if we attempt to follow the symbolism in this brief quote, where do we begin to draw the lines together that established this bull’s “breeding” and what about those who have so carefully nurtured it to its position in the vast field of power and dominance? I suggest the bull’s supernatural breeding comes from the same pit of darkness and corruption as the bowels of Hell itself. Its “father” was found in the demonic realm of money and governing power and it has nourished itself on the blood of war waged in its name. Its “mother” died in delivery because nothing could survive the arrival of such a vile and baseless beast. Raised in an environment of hate and lust for power unmatched in history, this ultimate destroyer has been groomed for the final assault on the “man of valor” by its godless handlers. Why the eyes as the target of freedom’s “man?” Blinded by freedom’s retaliation, the bull, still very dangerous, is no longer able to “see” its victim or what the man has in store for his final assault on evil’s raging-out of control-behemoth.

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