Wednesday, December 1, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Jon Christian Ryter
December 1, 2010

An interesting email crossed my computer a couple of days ago. It stopped my usual morning perusal of the opinions of Main Street Americans on the latest tomfoolery from the social progressive political gadflies inside the DC beltway. The accuracy of the email, concerning a woman who talked about her sister’s addiction to diet soft drinks, could not be confirmed because it contained no names, dates nor searchable datastreams to confirm the integrity of the story. And, of course, because there is no way to confirm the story, it stands “disputed” at best (and “refuted” by every reporting site who see a real likelihood of getting a very threatening letter from the lawyers of Aspartame’s now expired patent owner, Monsanto who usually jumps on erroneous and easily disproved email reports that make their products look bad—even when they are).

Monsanto no longer has an exclusive right to the use of the combined amino acids, D-phenylketonuria and D-phenylalanine which were then bonded with methanol. In its finished state, the product they created was called aspartame. Aspartame™ is a white powdery substance that is 160 to 200 times sweeter than sugar. Thus, only minute amounts are needed to sweeten soft drinks. For example, a typical 12-oz. low calorie soft drink will contain only 180 milligrams of aspartame. A regular, non-diet soft drink will contain 41 grams of high frutose corn syrup [HFCS90]. High frutose corn syrup, which is a enzymatic processed natural sugar, is about ten times sweeter than cane sugar (L-phenylketonuria and L-phenylalanine). There are three forms of converted frutose used in food products: HFCS 42, which is less sweet than table sugar, and HFCS 55, which is on par with table sugar and, of course, HDCS 90 which is much sweeter. Okay, let’s sweep that aside now and concentrate on aspartame. There are two problems with aspartame that everyone conveniently ignores because of the profit aspect of the chemicals that replaced God’s pure cane sugar.

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