Monday, November 29, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
November 29, 2010

[Note: Repeatedly in the past, I have noted that the Power Elite (PE) is planning a global currency for the World Socialist Government to come, and on April 13 this year the IMF’s report Reserve Accumulation and International Monetary Stability called for a global currency named the “bancor” (Fabian Socialist John Maynard Keynes’ term) to be issued by a new world central bank that could have some global taxing authority. Then, on September 1, Dr. Alessandro Sassoli was interviewed by Coin Update regarding his idea beginning 1996 for a new global currency, a project of the United Future World Currency (UFWC) organization. And in this interview he stated: “The world is evolving very fast. Maybe in just eight years time, it might be possible to introduce a new super-national currency like the UFWC by 2018.” This is the same date (2018) for the global currency (the “Phoenix”) projected by The Economist in its January 9, 1988 edition, so the timetable is on track!

On the same day (September 1) as the Sassoli interview, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon remarked: “There is such a thing as the global public good. And for that very reason, we need to think about the issues of global governance needed to manage them.” He also talked about the need for “global economic management” and global disarmament.

A few days ago, the Communist Chinese bought 18% of General Motors. With what did they buy it? They bought it with the interest our government is paying them on our debt to them and with all the money Americans have been paying them to buy cheap, often forced-labor products!

Substituting for Rush Limbaugh, radio host Mark Steyn on November 19 referred to a statement by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman in which the latter asserted that although the Chinese Communist leaders are dictators, because their management of China is “reasonable” they can move their nation forward. Steyn correctly asked, “Forward to what?” What Steyn doesn’t realize is that Friedman’s remark is part of a pattern. Remember that in The New York Times (April 10, 1973), CFR chairman David Rockefeller wrote about the “progress” of China under the dictatorship of Chairman Mao, “whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution.” It was common knowledge that Mao had brutally tortured and killed tens of millions of innocent Chinese.

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