Economic Implosion Sets The Blame Game In Motion

Monday, November 22, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Giordano Bruno
Neithercorp Press

When a child bounds about the house and breaks his mother’s favorite flower vase or creepy ‘Precious Moments’ figurine, he usually blames the dog before he blames himself. We tend to learn the value of scapegoats at a very early age. Many people eventually outgrow this terrible habit and begin to take responsibility for their actions, while others never do. The ability to divert justice is frowned upon by those of us who value conscience, but in some circles, such “talent” is prized above all else. There are some in this world who derive great joy from creating destruction and allowing innocent men or guiltless groups to take the fall.

The Italian philosopher/elitist extraordinaire, Niccolo Machiavelli, often discussed the “virtue” of the scapegoat. In his treatise ‘The Prince’ (essentially a guidebook for the tyrants of the 16th century} he outlined how to manipulate the rage of the masses towards the ends of the state (or royalty, or dictatorship, or autocracy, etc.). Though a soulless cretin of the highest order, Machiavelli was ahead of his time in one sense; he recognized before many others that a storm was brewing against the traditional rule of iron fisted monarchy. The world was changing, and the threat of violence and death was not going to be enough to keep the elites in power. The common people were beginning to awaken, to educate themselves, to demand their inherent right to freedom, not just in small controllable pockets, but all over the globe. The ruling class had to adapt its methods to this awakening by turning away from brute force and towards more psychologically rooted tactics. The use of a proxy became a valuable method for the elites in creating the illusion of judgment on government criminality, while at the same time allowing the same men behind the criminality to maintain their “savior” status in the public eye.

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