The First Victory Against The Police State May Come Against The TSA

Sunday, November 21, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Saman Mohammadi
Information Clearing

There is a growing public resistance campaign across U.S. airports against the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for routinely performing creepy pat-downs on passengers of all ages and all backgrounds and also submitting them to naked body scanners that are not only intrusive and unnecessary, but, according to scientists from Johns Hopkins University, are harmful to people’s health.

Despite making no difference in airport security and the fight against government manufactured terrorism, the TSA’s unpopular screening measures have not yet been terminated by the Department of Homeland Security, the agency that the TSA falls under. But that may change in the near future as there exists the possibility that millions of fed-up Americans will join John Tyner, who refused to be subjected to the TSA’s perverted security ritual at San Diego International Airport on Saturday, and take collective action against the government’s invasion of their humanity.

Amidst the renewed public scrutiny of the TSA thanks to Tyner’s courageous act of dissent, a public boycott campaign against the TSA’s invasive and humiliating techniques was started by James Babb and George Donnelly called “We Won’t Fly” which urges travelers to refuse to go through naked body scanners on November 24. They write:
“We are opposed to the full-body backscatter x-ray airport scanners on grounds of health and privacy. We do not consent to strip searches, virtual or otherwise. We do not wish to be guinea pigs for new, and possibly dangerous, technology. We are not criminals. We are your customers. We will not beg the government anymore. We will simply stop flying until the porno-scanners are history.”
Jane Hamsher of began a petition to press Congresspersons to investigate the TSA, which is publicly harassing John Tyner for the crime of refusing to be treated like a slave. Sign the petition here. Hamsher also wrote an article called, “Investigate the TSA, Not Tyner,” explaining the reasons for the petition, and why Tyner must be aggressively supported for his act of resistance. She says:
“The new pat-down policy for refuseniks, which started on November 1, has been described by the Airline Pilots Association as “sexual molestation” — and it’s nothing more than a way to punish people who might boycott the Department of Homeland Security’s expensive new boondoggle scanners. And prosecuting Tyner is blatant and very public way to intimidate anyone who might follow his lead.
This goes to show just how how constant threats of “terror” are used to create new markets for products nobody needs. The public is then intimidated into compliance in the name of “national security,” when in reality they’re sacrificing their dignity, their civil liberties and their tax dollars for the sake of enormous profits.”

The site WorldNetDaily has also started a petition, specifically calling for the “immediate suspension of the enhanced security screening procedures and an apology to the American public by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for directing the implementation of this ill-advised program.” Clearly, everybody is pissed off, regardless of political beliefs. Even the war hawk Jeffrey Goldberg, the man who helped persuade the American people that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, is against the TSA’s groping of balls and breasts, saying in his recent post that, “it is the official position of Goldblog that everyday is opt-out day. There’s no need to wait until November 24th.” Speaking to Stephen Colbert on Monday night, Goldberg said that if U.S. government agencies are relying on TSA agents for national security then something is wrong because tracking down terrorists doesn’t require physically touching little girls and grandmothers as they get ready to board a plane.

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