Bernanke Claims That Contrary To Consensus, He Is Not Spawn Of Satan, Deflects Fed Blame To China

Friday, November 19, 2010
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden

Futures are currently experiencing a stunning moment of weakness, something not seen unless the entire Liberty 33 trading crew is at Scores. The culprit according to the three sober traders we could track down is the recently unembargoed speech to be delivered by the Bernank tomorrow in Frankfurt. In it, not too surprisingly, the inkmaster considers revealing details of his most recent DNA sequencing result to prove once and for all, that he is not the antichrist. More relevantly, what Bernanke has done to defend his reputation is to claim that QE will work, and that everything is really mercantilist China’s fault, and the Fed is just woefully misunderstood. In other words nothing that has not been said before many times, just another overture which will likely precipitate a prompt round of Chinese retaliation in the form of accelerating trade wars, to be followed by further commodity price inflation in the US, leading to another ramp in Chinese inflation, etc. China now will have no choice but to either hike rates (which will pretty much end of the tech bubble), remove even more excess liquidity (real estate bubble burst) or merely export another $20 billion of crap to the US each month, pretending nothing happened (leading to more QE in the US). As Albert Edwards summarized so well earlier, the global game of chicken will continue until either China’s or America’s population decides it has had enough of being treated like a experimental gerbil in the endgame of failed economic chess.

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