Thursday, November 11, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Coach Dave Daubenmire
November 11, 2010

“If you’re in the battle for the Lord and right, Keep on the firing line;
If you win, my brother, surely you must fight, Keep on the firing line;
There are many dangers that we all must face,
If we die still fighting it is no disgrace;
Cowards in the service will not find a place, So keep on the firing line.” More

I spoke in a church last weekend where they actually sang this song.

I know it is probably hard for many “evanjellyfish” to believe, but there was a day when Christians believed it honored our Lord to put up a little fight.

Our nation was built on that Spirit. Today we have traded the “Black-Robed Regiment” for the “Pink-Laced Pastor”.

The idea that there is a firing line, or that Christians are supposed to man it, is anathema to today’s Prissy Pastors. In fact, we have created a whole new genre of “worship music” designed to “effeminize” the men in the church.

We sing “love songs” to Jesus as if He was our boyfriend. Rather than a slobbering love affair with Him perhaps we would be better off singing of our fidelity to him.

Fidelity…Semper Fi…the manly love one Marine has for another…is the type of love we need to express towards our Spiritual Commander-In-Chief. Not the gushy can-I-sit-on-your-lap-and snuggle-songs we currently sing to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Catch a load of these lyrics and see if they make you feel like fighting.

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