American Coup D’état – First World Nation Style

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
By Paul Martin

by Cognitive Dissonance

Some say all this insanity is just greed and corruption run amuck. Others claim the political, financial and judicial process has been co-opted in some type of modern day Coup D’état. Might it be both and could it have taken place much earlier in the decade under the cover of some other triggering event? Please leave your bias and preconceived notions behind as we take a leisurely stroll down memory lane. As usual this is another long one folks so buckle up and enjoy.

Cognitive Dissonance 11/09/2010

Usually it’s pretty obvious when a Coup D’état has occurred. I mean, considering how these things generally go down, it should be pretty clear something just happened. Political earthquakes are normally detectible around the world. In fact, tell tale signs such as blood on the Palace floor, weeping family and/or Cabinet members, sounds of distant explosions or automatic weapons fire and a suspiciously large number of uniformed men carrying AK-47’s (or thanks to some friends in the right places bearing foreign “aid”, M-16’s) while walking the streets are dead giveaways that the ruling elite have rotated under less than optimal conditions. Or at least that might be the perspective of the recently deposed and disposed of leadership. After all, most former “democratic” dictators don’t get to play hide and seek with the opposition by going to ground in a dusty old spider hole. Got fleas?

But all this is just banana republic stuff and merely how the third world rolls, right? I’ve been repeatedly assured by all my social and cultural indoctrination that one of the many hallmarks of civilization in first world countries are the orderly transition of power from one faction to the next. This is almost always done under the auspices of “free and open elections” and the “consent” of the governed. There are simply no shots fired or screams heard in the executive mansion at 3 AM, followed closely by troops in the streets and a media blackout, here in America. It just doesn’t happen.

Hell, the proof of concept is the recently completed mid-term elections here in the FIRST of first world nations. Or at least that’s what we Americans love to believe. Thank God I’ll only be subjected to a few more months of Botox Pelosi, or BP as I like to call her. The perpetually tanned and perfectly coiffed John Boehner (JB of course) will be a welcome relief for these weary old eyes……speaking of course from a purely cosmetic point of view. Everything else is immaterial in the land of HDTV since nothing more than tans and lipstick can be conveyed in 5 or 10 second video clips. Oh, and don’t forget cleavage. God but don’t we just love our televised mammary glands? And I’m ecstatic that JB appears to be turning a sickly shade of orange in sympathetic celebration of the seasonal change of color. But alas I rapidly digress.

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