G20 tensions rise over the future of the global economy

Monday, November 8, 2010
By Paul Martin

Philip Aldrick and Emma Rowley
07 Nov 2010

The daisy chains, kaftans and sweet haze of pot may have been missing, but last year’s G20 summit in Pittsburgh was the closest to a love-in that the world’s leaders have come. In the eye of the financial crisis, with recession gripping most major economies, heads of state joined hands and agreed to promote “strong, sustainable and balanced growth”.

Those dangerous, destabilising global imbalances would be addressed, they pledged. “Deficit” countries, such as the UK and US, would save and export more. “Surplus” countries, such as China and Germany, would export less and get their consumers spending. Every country would do their bit, pull together, and all the bountiful progress would be chronicled the following year at the G20 summit in Seoul.

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