The Ninth Wave – Agenda 21

Thursday, November 4, 2010
By Paul Martin

Jim Kirwan

‘In order to save the world we must first of all destroy the world, in order to remake our world in a sustainable way.’

A partial transcript of the 9 minute video

“Agenda 21 is the 1992 United Nations real declaration on the environment and development. It is the agenda for the twenty-first century for a ‘Brave New World’ where everything that you’ve cherished and held true will no longer exist.

Agenda 21 defines itself as ‘the comprehensive plan of action’ to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations systems. It also elevates nature above man and it contains something called the Precautionary Principle ­ where basically you’re guilty until proven innocent. Sustainable Development is the philosophy designed to bring human beings across the globe under the full control of a narrow human-elite. It’s a forty chapter document to basically control the world. It’s based entirely on social control mechanisms.” (This was what George H. W. Bush had in mind when he introduced the need for a New World Order on September 11, 1990) (1)

“Sustainable Developers have designed a global movement coordinated through a global action plan to create world government in accordance with certain objectives. These objectives include an end to national sovereignty, the abolition of private property, the restructure of the family unit, and increasing limitations and restrictions on mobility and individual opportunity.

The ‘Green Goal’ includes the listings of ‘what is not sustainable.’ A couple examples include: Private property! Seven twenty-eight lists fossil fuels. Golf courses and ski-lodges are not (sustainable). Irrigation is not-sustainable. Paved roads; Consumerism agriculture, herbicides, pesticides; elsewhere it lists farmland, pastures, grazing of livestock and the family unit. The focus of sustainable development is the abolition of private property; societal undermining of the family and abandonment of the constitutional protection of unalienable rights as established in the Declaration of Independence.

In the 1990’s . . . mother-earth’s surface wasn’t to be scratched. Human beings were to be concentrated into human settlement zones. Educational systems were to focus on the environment as the central organizing principle ­ all aspects of life were covered.

I went to these committees at the request of some people who told me that I needed to understand what was going on and I came back and I said ‘ This is craziness, this is so silly it has no chance of having any effect on our society.’ Well I was wrong.

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