22 Statistics That Prove The Elite Are Becoming Fabulously Wealthy While The Middle Class Is Being Ripped To Shreds

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
By Paul Martin

End OfTheAmericanDream.com

In the United States today, the only group that is “doing better” each year financially is the folks at the very top of the income pyramid. Everyone else has seen their incomes decline. Once upon a time, America had a relatively egalitarian system where just about anyone could “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” if they just worked hard enough. But today, there are millions of Americans that can’t seem to get jobs no matter how hard they try. Millions of others feel their tenuous hold on the American Dream slipping out of their grasp just a little bit more each month. The truth is that we don’t have true capitalism in the United States anymore. Over the past several decades, the financial system in the U.S. has been carefully molded and shaped in such a way that all the wealth is funneled to the elite at the very top and to the monolithic predator corporations that now dominate the global economy. Power has become concentrated in the hands of very few individuals, and they are nearly impossible to compete against. If you doubt this, go set up a general store right next to your local Wal-Mart and see how long you can survive. In America today, the elite are becoming fabulously wealthy and the middle class is being ripped to shreds. One of the things that our Founding Fathers were extremely concerned about was not allowing too much power to be accumulated in the hands of any one person or institution, but today we have turned our backs on that principle and now we are paying the price.

So what is the solution? Well, Democrats tell us that we just need to “spread the wealth” a bit more. But raising taxes and giving people more handouts is not going to solve a thing. What the American people need are good jobs.

Republicans tell us that if we will just lower taxes on corporations and on the rich that they will hire more American workers and that wealth will “trickle down” to them.

But as we have seen, that is simply not true in today’s world. The elite have figured out that they don’t really need expensive American workers anymore. Instead, they can just set up shop on the other side of the world and pay workers less than a tenth of what American workers make.

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