If You Want To Board An Airplane In America You Now Have Two Options: Let Airport Security Gawk At Your Exposed Body Or Let Airport Security Feel You Up

Saturday, October 30, 2010
By Paul Martin

The American Dream
Oct 30, 2010

In America today, we have become so spooked by “terror threats” that now we will submit to just about anything in the name of security. At this point, we are allowing ourselves to be treated as little more than cattle. Procedures that would once be considered an affront to human dignity are now accepted as “the new normal”. If you want to get on an airplane in America today, you must either go through one of the incredibly intrusive full body scanners that are going into all U.S. airports and let airport security gawk at your exposed body, or you must allow airport security to feel you up using the new “enhanced pat-down” techniques they are being instructed to employ. As you will see below, these new pat-down procedures are incredibly intrusive. If anyone tried to touch us like that out on the street they would be put in prison. But this is the new America where all of us must give up all of our privacy and all of our dignity just so that everyone can feel a little bit safer.

Up until this week, many Americans were not that concerned about the new full body security scanners going into airports across the nation because they still had the alternative of opting for a minimally intrusive pat-down. But now that has all changed. It turns out that too many Americans were opting for the pat-down, so now the TSA is rolling out their new “enhanced pat-down” procedures.

Previously, airport security officials used the backs of their hands to pat down passengers, but now they are being required to use the fronts of their hands. This includes directly touching some body parts that would just receive only a quick brush over with the back of the hand before.

A recent story by ABC News featured an expert explaining what these changes will mean for a female passenger….

“You go down the body and up to the breast portion,” said Charles Slepian of the Foreseeable Risk Analysis Center. “If it’s a female passenger, you’re going to see if there’s anything in the bra.”

These new procedures are so highly intrusive that even those who work for the mainstream media are starting to seriously complain.

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