Thursday, October 28, 2010
By Paul Martin

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By Jon Christian Ryter
October 28, 2010

(Author’s Note: In the last few days, I’ve had about a half-dozen emails with links sent to me referring me to an old story I wrote in 1999, and asking me where the URL was on my website. It doesn’t exist. I wrote the story on an old AOL subdomain website some two years before my website was created. Since there appears to be an interest in this subject 11 years later, I decided to try to reconstruct the information as best I could and place it here for those who might still be interested in the material today.

I wrote the story (which appears under this italicized section) on June 30, 1999 and posted it on July 1st of that year. The report, or those parts of it that I actually wrote, came into my possession from an official in the Clinton Administration’. This individual and I had a discussion a week or two earlier on the possible links between Alzheimer’s and aluminum, based on two totally unrelated reports that crossed my desk. The first one, a puff piece for the aluminum industry on the increased use of aluminum in cookware in the 20th century and the second, an increase in the reported cases of Alzheimer’s Disease in the elderly over the second half of the 20th century. When I saw the statistics of the second report there appeared to be an uncanny connection to the first.

It was by mere chance that I ran into this particular DHHS official and raised the question if there were any statistics I could find on either the CDC or DHHS websites that showed a correlation between the increased use of aluminum cookware and the rise in reported cases of Alzheimer’s Disease. The official, raised a counter-question, asking if I would be surprised to learn that the causes of Alzheimer’s might be remarkably similar to the causes of autism. The official scribbled a DHHS web address on a scrap of paper and handed it to me. “This should get you going in the right direction,” I was told. Only it didn’t. It was a password protected URL and I didn’t have the password. Yet, after making a phone call,w ithin two days I had several publicly available DHHS documents (if you knew where to find them), some of which defended the argument that Autism was not caused by the mercury suspension, ethylmercury, that is used to preserve the shelf-life of vaccines and even some over-the-counter items we buy today and reports from several medical doctors arguing their reasons why thimerosal was the cause of autism.

While there were no reports in the files I received from Dr. Paul Offit, he is the public face of the scientific consensus that vaccines containing ethylmercury pose no risk to humans. Offit is the Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases, Professor of Vaccinology and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania. In a paper Offit wrote, he noted: “…Certain types of bacteria in the environment can change mercury into methylmercury. Methylmercury makes its way through the food chain in fish, animals and humans. At high levels it can be toxic to people. Thimerosal—a preservative still used in the influenza vaccine—contains a different form of mercury called ethylmercury. Studies comparing ethylmercury and methylmercury suggest that they are processed differently in the human body. Therefore, ethylmercury (the type used in vaccines) is much less likely than methylmercury (the type of mercury in the environment) to accumulate in the body and cause harm.”

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