Thursday, October 28, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Coach Dave Daubenmire
October 28, 2010

Christians love to blame the Devil for everything. I call it the Gospel according to Flip Wilson.

You remember Flip Wilson, don’t you, and the phrase that he popularized as the cross-dressing Geraldine? “The Devil made me do it.”

We used to laugh at Flip’s characterization of Geraldine’s refusal to take responsibility for her actions. It was funny because we all knew that Geraldine’s problems should not be attributed to the wiles of old Slew-foot, but, rather, to her own willingness to gleefully give in to her sin nature.

Paul told us to “resist the Devil.” Geraldine found it more gratifying to give in to him. Flip Wilson Christianity is permeating America.

Adam was the first person to point the finger. When it was discovered that he had chewed on the apple in Genesis, God demanded an explanation from Adam for his blatant disregard for God’s direct command.

“What’s up with you?” God demanded of Adam. “Well, it was the WOMAN YOU gave me” Adam responds, paraphrasing Geraldine’s passing of the buck by laying the blame first at the feet of Eve, but ultimately at God Himself. “The woman YOU gave me.”

We have been pointing the finger at others ever since.

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