Wednesday, October 27, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Paul Proctor
October 27, 2010

Churches use shocking billboards to get attention

The Christian Post reports, “a megachurch in Southeast Michigan is making a lot of people uncomfortable with its new billboard campaign that proclaims that the church is for hypocrites, losers and liars.” NorthRidge Church’s pastor, Brad Powell, is quoted in the article, saying:

“As you do ministry, you start realizing there’s a false view outside of the church of what the church is – that it’s [full of] people who think they’re better than anyone else. And there’s a false view inside the church of people outside – that they’re bad… The reality is all human beings are the same. They’re flawed. We’re all the same inside [the church] and outside. We too are failures, losers, … hypocrites.”

So, nobody’s “bad” and nobody’s “better” – but we’re all hypocrites, losers and liars? Is that the NorthRidge message? Sounds like a social justice exercise of dialectic doubletalk designed to redistribute righteousness as needed so nobody is viewed as having any more than anyone else.

Obviously, this billboard campaign is yet another desperate attempt by Christians to try and attract attention, appease sinners and draw crowds through controversy and sensationalism – something the Bible does not teach or encourage believers to engage in. And, I’m convinced, these types of shock ads, borrowed from today’s depraved world of marketed madness, do more spiritual harm than good.

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