I Wish I Could Vote

Monday, October 25, 2010
By Paul Martin

by David Calderwood

Honestly. I watch people line up at the church in my neighborhood, the one that volunteers its facility to enable convenient voting, and I long for a world where I could just go into a little folding booth every couple years and cast my vote to put some wise folks in charge of the society that I share.

It sounds so nice and simple, doesn’t it?

Just yesterday a woman running for Illinois Treasurer promised me that if given the power of that office she’ll reverse Illinois’ horrific unemployment problem by forcing banks that were recipients of government bailouts to resume lending to small businesses.

Hers was but one of dozens of promises I heard over the past week on the radio, all of them from earnest-sounding men and women intent on obtaining or keeping positions that give them access to some of the levers of power ruling our society.

Sadly, I cannot vote for her.

She’s a moron.

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