Monday, October 18, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Attorney Jonathan Emord
October 18, 2010

The politics of fear disables people, permitting the enemies of freedom to take rights away with the complicity of those disabled and without so much as a fight. Whether the fear arises from acts of terrorism or industry leaders who demand that government regulators be appeased in the government’s quest to exercise control, the result is the same, freedom gives way to tyranny. There is an alternative to fear and defeatism and that is hope and courage. When a depraved world closes around a free people, their future depends on their hope and courage.

The war against terror depends on the insistence of free people to keep their nations free while hunting down and destroying those who would have us recoil in fear and enslave our own people. If we enslave our own people on the notion that doing so is necessary to protect them from terror, we have conceded the ultimate battle without a true fight. Rather, the goal must be to protect and expand freedom. We must reject the notion that to be free we must be deprived of liberty for a time. History teaches that almost every liberty lost takes generations to regain; no liberty must be conceded and each must be defended at all cost.

Al Qaeda and other sympathetic groups are relatively small bands of thugs whose infamy comes from their willingness to do anything to kill. While murderous, they are no more cohesive than organized crime in other sectors, the mob, drug cartels, pirates, and street gangs. To prevail against them we have to infiltrate their ranks, identify their whereabouts, and arrest or destroy them. We should not become distracted in this quest but should be singular of mind, aggressive, and relentless. We should also appreciate that those who from low self-esteem or from religious fanaticism can be led to suicide bombing will always be a small subset of the entire group and depend on those who will direct their acts of terror.

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