Social Engineering Bill In Senate Will Force You Into City

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
By Paul Martin

Lets think about this….. Is this important? Is there a history of progressively moving our population off the “land” and into ant colonies? Do we want this to go any further? Do we trust even a single one of these guys? Remember, Dodd’s office is the one that told me, by phone personally, that the first Bailout was about GLOBALIZING. It was never about saving the industry. That was when I called him a Traitor and the staffer, was silent. I believe he felt that way too. This and the food bill are now more about your independance then about anything else.

If they have total control over your ability and access to growing your own food, total control to limit where you can live, limit your freedom of movement, limit you choices, then you lose all independance and that is always the first thing to go in a dictatorship. DO NOT KID YOURSELF; that is where this has been leading. We are frogs in a slow pot of boiling water, and understand IF WE ALLOW THIS, then they also have total control over you, your family and MORE IMPORTANTLY, YOUR IDENTIFY, YOUR KNOWLEDGE, and subsequently your ability to independantly care for yourself. This forcing of us into the cities has done more than just making us live like ants, IT WILL TAKE AWAY FROM US ALL OUR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE PLANET WE LIVE ON, THE INTERACTIONS OF US AND THE PLANET THAT SUSTAINS US, AND THE SPIRITUAL CONNECTION WE HAVE TO THIS PLANET. We do not understand what that means, but many who live in the cities generationally right now are simply unable and unequipped to survive in the wild, if they had to. They do not understand which plants are safe and edible that grow wild. They do not know how to fish or hunt. We have a problem houston.

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